Samsung UN65D8000 65-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver)

Samsung UN65D8000 65-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver)

Samsung UN65D8000 65-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver):

$2,684.28 BUY NOW
Samsung UN60ES8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver)

Samsung UN60ES8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver)

Samsung UN60ES8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver):

$2,199.99 BUY NOW
Samsung UN55D7000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver) [2011 MODEL]

Samsung UN55D7000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver) [2011

Samsung UN55D7000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver)

$1,599.00 BUY NOW
Samsung UN55F7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

Samsung UN55F7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

Samsung UN55F7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED

$2,354.70 BUY NOW
Samsung UN55ES7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Black)

Samsung UN55ES7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Black)

Samsung UN55ES7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Black):

$1,729.99 BUY NOW


Samsung UN60ES8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver)

Samsung UN60ES8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver)

Categories : 3D
Product Code : Not available
Rating :
List Price : Not available
Price : $2,199.99

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Samsung UN40EH5300 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Black). Samsung UN40EH5300 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Black): Electronics. Buy Now >>

Amazon Price: $4,069.99 $2,199.99 You save: $1,870.00 (46%). (as of September 9, 2013 12:04 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Samsung UN60ES8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver)

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: : Samsung
  • Model: : UN60ES8000
  • Display Technology: : LED-lit
  • Display Size: : 60 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: : 16:09

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 53.9 x 33.4 inches ; 67 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 67 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B0074FGTJA
  • Item model number: UN60ES8000
  • Date first available at February 3, 2012

Customer Reviews

This TV is one of the best

 March 22, 2012
By Corey Fisher
I bought this TV from Amazon and received it the next day via UPS. I hooked it up and it works flawlessly. The set-up is amazingly simple, the TV is very easy to set up and put together. Everything is explained in detail and gives video demonstrations. I went ahead and calibrated the TV using a calibration DVD and the TV offers some of the most superb and realistic picture quality I have seen yet. The 3D is also much improved and it’s nice they threw in 4 pairs of glases with it. I have found that if you follow the directions that they show you very clearly in the demonstrations and follow the process, the TV responds very accurately and very well. The motion controls are probably the only thing that needs a very little amount of work, but I mean, compared to a Kinect, it basically works the same way and is not more or less accurate then the Kinect, either. The TV’s black levels are the best I have seen for an LED set, coming close to the best of Plaasma’s, motion rate is extremely enhanced and 3D performance has no visible crosstalk or juttering as in old sets. All in all, this is the best performing and high-est tech TV set available. It’s also extremely fast with the dual core processing, everything you do is a snap. Apps load very quickly, internet is decent and the TV responds well. I have not had any issues from a weeks use of the TV. It has worked flawlessly.

***UPDATE*** after further testing I have found one flaw. The media hub works well, however, Netflix has an issue. It will only work half the time. Half the time it will not load a video and the TV will reset, the other half it works fine. I haven’t lost any settings yet, however, it is annoying. I have reduced to 4 stars sInce it isn’t the end of the world and will likely be fixed with a simple software update. I watch a lot of Netflix, so Samsung, I know you will read these first reviews. This software bug with Netflix needs to get fixed. I am an advanced tech lead for Sprint, I’ve already tried everything to T/S the issue and other people reviews state the same. However, my TV has not had its settings reset like others. This is my only small complaint, everything else works fine.

***UPDATE #2*** There was some kind of update to the TV last night and the resetting seams to have stopped during Netflix and seams a bit more responsive, for now, but still not a guarantee that it’s fixed. I’m not sure what kind of update it was because the damn TV is so fast, I didn’t see it long enough before it was done. I’m pretty sure I will need to wait and test it more. However, it seams to have stopped. The other thing I have noticed is that the LED lights at the bottom of the screen in the middle seam brighter then the rest of the lights, but this is only noticeable in pure 100% darkness, which you’ll see anyways, because it’s still and LCD anyway you look at it. I have also purchased a PN51E8000 TV for downstairs, it appears that the PN51E8000 has much darker blacks in pure darkness, in fact, it’s not far off from an OLED, however, I’ll post a review of that one later.

***UPDATE #3*** it appears that the reset issue with Netflix only appears when the smart hub has issues connecting with Samsung. I have noticed that on weekdays, it works fairly well and can connect to apps just fine. However, on weekends, it appears Samsungs servers can’t currently handle the traffic as I seam to get “network interference” issues and most apps won’t connect, even though my connection to the Internet is fine at 25mbps+ and when the apps are having difficulty and you try to get on Netflix, it has trouble playing videos and gets stuck and then resets. Other then these few small issues I have had with the TV and the connection to Samsungs media hub, I continue to be blown away by the stellar 3D, the ridiculous crispness of the picture and the smooth motion rate and I have gotten use to the voice commands. I was originally having problems with it recognizing my voice, but after turning down our fan in our room, it seams to recognize my voice very well now. So Samsung, hear me out… The network interference problems have to get resolved and Netflix needs to be updated so it simply rebuffed instead of turning off the TV. If this happens, I’ll be a happy camper.

***UPDATE #4*** alright Samsung techs, here’s one for ya and even though this doesn’t actually reflect my review of the TV itself, im not sure where the problem lays. I have an iPad as well as two iPhone 4s’s, all running iOS 5.1. The iPhones work great with the remote control, they always find the tv and connect and work well. However, the iPad 2 Samsung remote does not work. It will work right when you connect and allow it, but as soon as you don’t use it for awhile, it stops working and never reconnects, it gets an “unknown network error” and disconnects. I was so fixated on getting it fixed that I even hard reset my iPad 2 and reinstalled the app and it still does it. The only way I am able to use it is if I go into the TV settings to network all share and delete the iPad from the allowed list and re-add it, until it stops working again after I don’t use it for awhile. Samsung, it is an absolute necessity that this is fixed ASAP!! I use my iPad to browse the net while I watch tv and having the Samsung remote on it to control the Tav is essential. I am a total multi tasker! Gosh I hope they read my post.

***UPDATE #5*** the Netflix app has no reset now in almost two weeks and we watch Netflix almost on a daily basis… It has work flawlessly. The set seems to be performing much better after a few weeks break-in (normal). I think this a great set, but Samsung still needs to update the iPad remote app so it can actually work. I think this TV and PN51e8000 will be our last TVs for a few years until OLED TVs become mainstream in 2014-2015. Manufacturers say they will have mainstream 55inch sets for around $2k. Until then I might actually look into the evolution kits that will come out to upgrade its features, if they are a good price, I might pick one up. If not, then these will do until OLEDs are it.

***UPDATE 6*** April 22nd, I have received another update and have had 0 problems with set since. I guess that fact it needed to break in held true. The TV has worked flawlessly, I can’t imagine getting much better until OLED hits mainstream. The picture quality has increased as well with the update. The voice recognition now works a lot better, but if you have fans or kids or noise in general, it still has a hard time unless dead silent, but that would be expected. This is my final update.

believe the hype

 March 22, 2012
By Eugene Yoon "randomly geek"
I just received my TV, set it up and tested it out. First of all, installation was a breeze, camera and mic work beautifully as do the motion controls.

More importantly, the image is perfect. I don’t know what these other reviewers are going on about but screen uniformity is phenomenal and on par with any of the other LED LCD tvs I’ve seen. Blacks are deep and inky and with the backlighting on the factory default, I saw no evidence of flashlighting or light creep.

3D works like a charm. Set the PS3 to recognize the new screen and the new 3D glasses pair with the TV quickly and easily and don’t mind at all if I look away from the screen. Tested out Transformers 3D (don’t laugh, I have 6 year old son and he loves them) and the image was crisp, detailed with very little artifacting or crosstalk. I fired up wipeout HD 3D and that performed beautifully as well.

For me, it was between this TV and the new Panasonic line up. While I agree that the plasmas handle blacks better than LCD screens, I prefered the image crispness of an LED LCD panel. I am not disappointed and more than happy with the es8000.

simply amazing

 May 16, 2012
By bbilt
I upgraded from a samsung un55d6000 LED tv…which I found to already have a stunning picture.
I purchased the new 8000 series and unboxed it. very nice. placed it on the wall using the ultra slim mounts…and off i went. For starters, I got a good deal on the TV and was just going to try it and turn around and sell it. But after using it I said No way. I’m keeping it. It’s just too freaking amazing.
Let’s start with the picture. I can’t say enough about how great my picture is…using my basic tv outdoor antenna. its truly incredible. after a month i still stare at it in amazement. pure joy. and those who complain “on occasion” about the bleeding or whatever. who cares. its during a rare blacked out commercial. get over it. has no issue when watching tv. the picture is stunning.
Now on to the small bezel. Well I thought this would be cool but a gimmick. wrong. simply amazing. its all picture…you are looking at. and from a sideview its super thin. crazy. The thin bezel and lighted LED “samsung” at the bottom is very classy. it says expensive. i buy a tv as a piece of furniture just as much as something to watch. beautiful in every way.

on to the features: voice control. i don’t use it much. i sit too far away to use it by the tv microphone, and don’t really use the voice control remote (tv comes with 2 remotes). so i don’t really use it. Gestures: cool but doesn’t work for me b/c my room is dark. only works in very lighted situations. and even in the middle of day, my room isn’t lighted enough. cool feature, and it does work, but i don’t really use it much.

on the remotes: the touchpad type remote with voice control i don’t care for much. i like the standard remote like with the other lesser tv’s…and until i get the new keyboard remote then i will stick with this.

netflix, vudu etc.. works perfect. no issues.
web browser: works good but hope they have the ability to make text bigger when you do searches. (font size increase??) otherwise you stand close to the tv to read browser text. surely they thought of how to do it, but i haven’t figured it out.

anynet+. works amazingly well with my panasonic bd320 bluray/3d player. plug and play. can use my one remote for that bluray player.

tv speakers: they stink. seriously. big deal. love the thin size and bezel. i bought an klipsch energy powerbar elite with 10″ sub. amazing sound. done.

dual core processor: works great. no lag. no issues on smart tv apps etc like the older 2011 models.

fitness apps. nice addition. especially since its free on samsung tv’s.

3D picture. really nice. i have to say. even avatar bluray no in 3d was amazing picture/colors.

allshare. works great. no issues.
dual view with samsung phone/tablet. works perfect. i use it on my tablet on my patio…to watch tv. no issues.

overall I think this Tv,PICTURE, bezel, microdimming… are truly stunning. and remotes aren’t perfect. the new keyboard remote will help.

so nice to look at. its a keeper.

Even after nearly a year of owning this. this is one amazing piece of equipment. people always comment on the amazing picture and bezel-less display. its phenomenal. and samsung keeps updating the software for smart tv, its quick, has everything needed, and works great. NOW THEY finally UPDATED IT WITH AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO/PRIME APP. which is awesome. I was waiting on that.
TRULY an amazing piece of equipment. Skype even works great on it! would have bought it all over again for sure!
and the remotes app for the phone work great…as well.
web browsing is pretty good as well. fairly quick, yet flash video is spotty. but reading is great. and it has a zoom text feature which is awesome.
and allshare works great with my galaxy s3 phone by samsung. pics, videos from the phone shoot up to the 55 in tv. brilliant

you won’t be disappointed. this is much better than apple tv plugged into a regular hdmi tv. by far.not even a close comparison. seriously.

Best 60" currently out there

 July 16, 2012
By Chris
When you move from the 55″ to the 60″-60″+ size, LED TV options become a bit more limited.
Often its a toss up between size vs display quality.
That said, purchasing the Samsung Es8000 doesn’t feel like a compromise at all!

######### OUT OF THE BOX #########
Out of the box the picture quality is OK at best. The TV has a natural tenancy to throw to much RED filtering. The brightness vs contrast is off causing quite a bit of clipping to occure.
I also had quite a lot of light bleeding around the 4 corners and a patch about the size of my hand above the SAMSUNG logo at the bottom of the screen.

######### Light Bleeding #########
Out of the box I had a small amount of light bleeding at the 4 corners.
During the day 85% of the time it wasn’t enough to bother me.
That said, at night it was a different story. The light-bleeding really distracted from dark scenes in movies.

This is where CALIBRATION comes into play.
After calibrating my TV almost all the light bleeding vanished. I was able to find my TVs ideal black / white, brightness and backlight settings.
Now there is NO visible light bleeding during the day and only a very very very small amount when viewed at night in an almost pitch black room. All LED tv’s will have a small amount of light bleeding due to their design – once calibrated the Samsung ES8000 really preforms well above most current LED’s out there.

######### CALIBRATION IS A MUST #########
Calibrating your new TV will 1) Fix a lot of the light bleeding issues and 2) Bring out the best picture of your TV !

If you don’t preform a simple calibration on your TV then you’re wasting its potential and your money since you’ll be left with a under preforming TV.
Calibrating the TV yourself using a calibration DVD or Blu-Ray is very easy to do and can be done for as little as $20.

I recommend using the following Calibration Disc:
Disney WOW: World of Wonder [Blu-ray]

Let the TV run for a few hours after you first take it out of the box and get it set up.
Once the TV has been running for a while, pop in the Calibration Disc and enjoy a easy step by step walk through of your TV’s settings.
Calibration is easy and can always be reset if you want to start over again.

######### 3D Display #########
While I’m a fan of PASSIVE 3D, I’ve been very very pleased with this TV’s ACTIVE 3D.
It’s been so sharp and clear with NO noticeable cross-linking in TV shows, Movies and most of my ps3 games.
(Again this is after calibrating the display)
The only time I noticed cross-linking was when viewing some high speed scenes in the background of Wipeout HD 3D on my PS3, but that has more to do with my old PS3 processing than the new LED TV.
Also it has a lot to do with the fact that I was searching obsessively for any signs of cross-linking.

######### Gesture Commands #########
The voice and hand commands and hand gestures work – ok – at – best.
That said, I see how the commands could really improve the User to TV interaction in the not so distant future.
Preforming internet searches via voice command has its uses, but to be honest most of the time I find myself using the Bluetooth remote.
Again – its all a work in progress.
DON’T buy this TV if you’re main reason is the voice and hand commands.
Buy this TV because of its excellent colour and picture quality.

60" review after 5 weeks of use (had to order another one)

 May 7, 2012
By Big Bad Rob
I have had the 60″ ES8000 for about 2 weeks now.
It is a nice TV.
We have a 46″ ES8000 at work and I have never seen such an amazing TV, once I used it for a few hours I was hooked.
The 60″ TV is really nice, it fits right above our fireplace.
I used a VideoSecu Ultra Slim Thin Flat LED HDTV Fashion TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32″-55″ LED TV VESA 200×200 300×300 400×400 up to 800×800 – Adjustable Cable Length 1Y2 to mount this TV, and it was awesome.
You hang the TV like a picture with a wire and two special washers.
The TV is less than 1.5″ from the front of the screen to the wall, thinner than most of our paintings we have.

The picture quality is GREAT, not perfect GREAT. This 60″ has some cloudyness/bleed through in the corners that is EXTREMELY visible on dark/black backgrounds.

I have read a bunch of forum replies about leaving the TV on for 100hours to get rid of that, and we are on hour 80 right now. It SEEMS to be getting better, but it could be the placebo affect going on.

The 3d is awesome, Transformers and Avatar on the 60″ in 3D rock!
You get 4 pairs of glasses with this TV, so it is enough for the family and friends!

The Smart Hub is really cool, the application selection is a bit sparse, but it should be growing.

One last thing that sold me on the TV was the expansion pack that this TV has.
It allows you to constantly upgrade your TV with whatever new technology Samsung comes out with next year, so instead of having to buy a new TV, you can buy the corresponding upgrade kit and plug it in to the expansion pack!

If you have any specific questions about the 60″ please ask, I will answer in the comments.

I will update as time progresses with the TV.


The clouding was getting pretty bad in the corners, so I contacted Samsung and they wanted to have a service center come out and service the TV. I called the service center and he said return the TV to Amazon.
I called Amazon expecting a big fiasco, and was very surprised that it was extremely easy.
Amazon ordered me a new one (without paying for it) and had it delivered. At the time of delivery, they returned the old one.

The second es8000 is 10X better than the first one, but still not perfect. The ghosting/clouding in the corners on dark scenes is FAINTLY there. I am going to let it run for 200 hours and see if that helps, if not I will try one last es8000, before going with a different brand.

It is very upsetting that Samsung has this issue, and is not doing ANYTHING about it. I never had this much trouble when I was buying 42-50″ tv’s that were much cheaper. Hopefully this TV fixes itself or the third one works…….

**update** 5 months in.

TV is still awesome.
Fixed the issues with clouding and ghosting by simply changing some settings around.
Now the blacks are intensely black, like NO light black!

Great image, confusing network issues with some apps

 March 26, 2012
By rtrski "Who, me?"
Have had TV for a weekend now. First, a note on what I’m judging against: my last TV was a Toshiba 52″ ‘slim’ DLP (13″ deep, internal projection) at 720p, that didn’t even have a built-in tuner, e.g. an “HD-ready” set from about 7 years ago. So maybe anything would have pleased me by comparison!!

But by that comparison the picture is night and day. I’ve read all the reviews about ‘flashlighting’ and ‘off axis contrast decay’ and yadda yadda yadda with edge-lit LED backed LCDs. I don’t care. It looks brilliant. In fact the image is so crisp and clean that I can’t help feel that shows I formerly thought were a bit ‘gritty’ and ‘realistic’ now have an almost unnaturally perfect-lit and colored crispness to them in 1080p, the oft mentioned ‘soap opera effect’. I’m sure I’ll get used to that. At the backlight level I’m set at (haven’t entirely settled but running between “11″ and “13″ on the scale right now) the off-axis contrast is fine; our viewing positions are about 9-11ft from the set and separated by about 3-4′ which puts us < 15 degs off 'normal' to the set face. The glossy screen does glare a little with ambient light, but even thru that the pic is clearer than thru the 'matte' hence more diffused reflection we got at all angles with the DLP set.

Built-in tuner is pretty powerful. Just hooked it up to my in-attic antenna (which has a long cable to get down to the living room) and we picked up every channel the old DirectTV HD receiver did (which also has an OTA tuner, and which we were using even though we stopped our DirecTV subscription several years ago) and then some. (Maybe part of the benefit is the DTV receiver had to have the OTA/sat multiplexer splitter in line, but then again it also had an inline amp).

TV came out of the box stating no new firmware update was necessary, so I’m wondering if they’re somehow updating existing stock before shipping as others have needed an update. Don’t recall what number FW it says its on at the moment….might add in a comment if people are curious.

The only star minus I’m giving it right now, which may NOT be fair as I describe it further, is that some of the network apps were a b***h to get working! For the first couple of days I could not for the life of me get either Netflix or the Samsung App Store to load. I’d confirm my internet connection (tried wired and wireless), could use the browser, could access the trial videos on Hulu+, the Pandora app gave me the option to register the set…but neither Netflix not the Samsung App interface would ever get beyond “Loading” and/or the dreaded “Network Interference Occurred” or “We are unable to connect you to…”. This despite a good connection and being able to use Netflix on any laptop on the same network. What gives??? So I hooked up the new Blu-Ray player I selected (Panasonic brand, so as to get Amazon VOD which is not available on the Samsungs) and lo and behold, although Amazon worked, Netflix still didn’t. Basically, that was a red flag that it was something in my network.

Sure enough, a new wireless router configuration (and although unrelated, a new ADSL2+ cable modem while I was at it), and Netflix and the Samsung App store both load. Go figure.

So fair or not (since the Blu-Ray had the same hassle, and it *was* my network somehow) I’m deducting one star for having to have some sort of perfect network setup to use Netflix (again, laptops and desktops on the same network don’t seem to have this issue, so that’s my beef).

General impressions may change with furthur usage or if something breaks in firmware, but I think given how good it is now I’d be willing to give them a chance if they “break” something to “fix” it in an upcoming (hopefully quick) version. Of course any new user review like this doesn’t factor in long-term reliability.

About our setup overall:

TV is connected via one HDMI (HDMI2 with ARC) to a new 3D-capable AV receiver, Blu-Ray set to passthru the receiver (1.4a compatible for 3D), Wii connects to receiver as composite video and audio (using AVR to provide the 1080p upscale…might move that to TV and see if it upscales better). DVD folders from my Sage HDR300 server look really good (those are getting upscaled by the Sage box to 1080p). Even standard def TV channels look fairly nice given the source quality (and on digital broadcasts, that means they’re being upscaled by the TV only from 720p or 1080i, I assume, with the standard def to ‘broadcast digital’ def upscaling done by the channels). Blu-Ray from Panasonic does auto-24p when it recognizes incoming content and I did notice that with HDMI passthru to the Samsung the pans were creamy smooth. So I’m not relying on the TV to handle that. Did notice that Netflix HD streams are a bit less smooth in the pans, so might have to play with the telecine correction and see what mode works best for whichever inputs. Have not noticed bright banding around the ‘black bars’ on anamorphic widescreen Blu-rays from the edge lighting yet, but only watched 2 so far. Nor have I noticed any real flashlighting but again, very limited content watched so far. Coming from the DLP where blacks weren’t really (the matte screen alone resulted in a dark gray), I doubt I’ll be disappointed even after more viewing.

Not included in review so far:

Haven’t tried 3D yet, 4 pairs of included glasses are as yet unboxed. Haven’t mounted TV on wall yet, it’s just on the stand on the media cabinet in ‘front’ of where it will eventually be mounted (viewing distance given before includes the extra space, in reality we’re a little closer which puts us at a slightly wider viewing angle today). Have not played with the touch remote – intend to program a Harmony so didn’t want to confuse myself with stuff I couldn’t emulate in an all-in-one, anyway. Came with the standard and the touch remote. Haven’t attempted the gesture and voice control either. Meh. Only real reason I got the ES8000 vs. dropping down to the ES7500 or even the ES7100 is that a) supposedly had the ‘best’ dimming processing, and b) it was already out. The ES7100′s will be a couple months yet.

Overall, color me impressed.

Good But Could and Should Be Better

 April 17, 2012
By Brett A. Haberle
*Update 5/19* Didn’t notice any changes after a week of using the new update.
*Update* 5/12* Samsung released another patch on 5/11 to 1017.8. Not really sure what changes it does honestly, since Samsung uses the same update descriptions for every patch. Will update if there is any noticeable differences.
*Update 4/18* Samsung released a patch on the 15th. It has definitely improved the voice sensitivity so it is a lot better. In fact I don’t have to yell anymore. I will update this post as I go. The patch also claimed picture quality increases, “hi tv power on”(Which I thought the previous firmware update did), etc. too but I will play around more before I confirm that. Still though, no updates to the gestures yet. (not that I care much).

I will rate this TV in 4 categories. This is my first ever Samsung TV btw. I have had to Samsung ES8000 60″ for about 17 or so days now.

Picture Quality 9/10

The picture is great after firmware updates and tweaking the settings. You can see random brighter spots where the LEDs are shining in on dark scenes with the lights off. (dinged a point.) I still found that the color was rich, deep, and accurate. The PS3 displays games like Journey, Flower, etc. looking beautifully. I even tried “Resistance 3″ in 3d mode. It played great. Lord of the Rings Extended Edition (Bluray HD obviously) looked wonderful as well. I was even able to get rid of that disgusting Soap Opera effect after altering the settings (see below).

Functionality 8/10 (Was 6 before updates)
This is what really had me shaking my head. The “Touch Remote” is garbage. It is not friendly to use and the sensitivity is so odd to use. I forgive Samsung about the remote since they included a second one. It doesn’t change the fact that the previous year’s remote was better.

The voice commands are great……….. if you are not listening to tv too loud (which is 90% of the time you would use these commands.) As far as I am concerned, the hand gestures are unusable. I managed to get it to work plenty of times, but it takes way too much time and effort. I expect firmware updates to help address this problem though.

As far as applications go, don’t hold your breath. No Amazon Video on Demand. They do have a few good ones like Pandora, Youtube, Netflix (no issues for me), and HuluPlus. When I use the voice command, there is a mirror app. When I try to use it I am told to download it from the Samsung App store. As far as I am aware, it does not exist.

Also I noticed in lots of Youtube videos people would use commands like “volume keep up” to have the volume consistently keep going up. I cannot get that feature to work or find anything similar. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about that.

The speakers have trouble with certain sounds and sounds tinny (play Journey on the PS3 to find out.) I won’t hold it against the TV though because it is so skinny after all.

Design 10/10

This is the most gorgeous tv on the market. The bezel is very thin just like the tv. The stand is extremely unique.

Value 8/10

This TV is very expensive. If they charge this much they should have much better functionality and a “ready-to-go” product with less blooming. It did help that the price of the TV lowered greatly, even though Samsung released guidance for a much higher price. This should be the standard price. I have taken the current price into account with my rating.

Why did I still give this TV a 4? Because I feel most of the problems are firmware solvable. My primary use it to watch TV, not use the hand gestures, voice command, or the bad touch remote. (And I think the former two can be improved VIA firmware.)

Optimal TV Settings (Also will remove “Soap Opera Effect”)

I don’t think I can post links here so simply google this, “un55d8000 cnet calibration” . Obviously that is last year’s TV, but go ahead because it is close enough that those settings work well. There were 1 or 2 settings on the directions that no longer exist, but that’s fine. I DID keep my Gamma 1 higher.

If you don’t wanna change your settings and just want to remove the “Soap Opera Effect” then simply take off “Auto motion plus” or set it to a custom setting of your choice.

I will give a better review when I have more time.

Fabulous Picture & State of the Art LED

 August 15, 2012
By Ricoflashback "REM"
08.31.12 – Update for vertical banding issue. As mentioned before in my review – - I do not want to give up on this set because the picture and features are flat out fantastic. Filed support issue with Samsung back on 08/20/12 to have vertical banding issue addressed. Initial “fix” was to have new LCD panel shipped & swapped out on TV. Received a call today from Samsung – - due to delay in getting panel, they will provide brand new UN65ES8000. If that doesn’t fix the problem they will swap out, upgrade/downgrade or refund entire purchase amount. I’ve heard others complain about Samsung support but so far, they have been very responsive. To be continued…

08.15.12 – This review is for the Samsung UN65ES8000.

If you’re looking to buy a big screen TV, I hope this review helps you understand the benefits and drawbacks of this model. My setup is as follows – Yamaha RX-A2000 receiver, Sony BDP-790 Blu-ray player, DirecTv HR-22 receiver, OTA antenna with all connected to a Belkin Power Console PF30 downstairs in my “man cave” in Colorado.

My previous TV was a Samsung DLP HL-T5676, which gave me 5+ years of great service until the picture started to dim a little bit. I bought an OEM replacement bulb (BIG MISTAKE !!! Replace with Phillips Original Bulb & Housing) and it exploded in the set after ten seconds of being turned on. I wanted to upgrade anyway, so I decided to look at 65″ to 70″ technology.

I compared the CNET ballyhooed Panasonic Viera TC-PC65VT65 inch Plasma as well as the Sharp 70″ 847U. I originally ordered the Sharp but they couldn’t deliver the set and I cancelled the order. I’m glad I did as the picture quality and 3D is no where near the Samsung visual experience. The Panasonic Plasma looked OK but the 3D was terrible. I cannot believe CNET’s rating on this set (more on that later). And…it generated a lot of heat – - it was amazing to look at the sets on the showroom floor and physically touch the Plasmas compared to the LCD/LED’s. You could dry your underwear on the Plasmas – - they were that hot. I have been told that those in the know prefer Plasma TV’s but I just couldn’t bring myself to buying that set after seeing the brightness and thin design of the Samsung 65″.

A word about where to buy your TV – - I ended up purchasing from a local retailer – Paul’s TV – - they matched prices, the salesman was great and so was the Manager for the Colorado market as you will see later. I am also going to purchase an extended warranty online from DTV Express as this is much cheaper with full five year coverage priced at $239.00.

The main benefit from buying from Paul’s was the delivery of the set and a thirty day guarantee (replace the set, no questions asked). The first TV came in and I noticed that the shipping container was a little crushed on the right side. Sure enough, the LED panel yielded a vertical line on the right side and subsequent horizontal lines near the top of the screen. Paul’s replaced the TV pronto and everything is in working order.

First impressions – the good and not so good:

Good – Absolutely stunning, fabulous picture. I mean, it’s like you’re behind the camera and shooting the scene.

* Very thin bezel, elegant design – - very sleek looking. I can see where people who hang this set on the wall can get in trouble – - the thinness and lightweight attributes requires you to be extremely careful in working with the panel. Low power consumption – stays cool to the touch even after hours of use.

* Great color “out of the box.” I read CNET’s review of this TV (07/10/12) and even went through the painstaking settings they recommended. Quite frankly, the standard settings on the TV worked out much better – - far better than the “expert” calibration settings. I have the Disney WOW Blu-ray disc and will look to tweak with that later.

* No clouding, bleeding, spotlighting anywhere. Black levels are fantastic – - again, contrary to the CNET rating.

* Setup was easy, the Audio Return Channel works great and the “Anynet+” connectivity is a nice feature.

* I haven’t done anything with the applications, yet, but there is suppose to be a lot of free 3D content from Samsung’s site. I connected to the Internet via the ethernet cable as opposed to the wireless setting. To me, it’s easier to setup a router and it is faster as well.

* Motion and other “bells & whistles” are turned off and here I agree with CNET – - I really don’t need or want these but they do come with the TV and if you like that sort of thing then see for yourself how it works.

* 3D is stunning – glasses are comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear. Again, the 3D experience with the Samsung combined with the DirecTV channels makes this a real winner for 3D viewing.

* Future upgrade path – hardware – with “Smart Evolution.” I do not know how much this will cost but the concept is pretty amazing – - upgrade your TV to the latest and greatest processor & technology. To be determined….

Not So Good:

* Very faint vertical banding on scenes with extreme white background. Right now, it’s not a deal killer for me and I can adjust the picture to virtually eliminate this artifact. I have very sensitives eyes and can note detail very well. Other folks might not notice this at all. I have been told that this is a by product of edge lit LED’s. I am not sure if this is the case, but again, it’s not a deal killer for me and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

* Concern for product reliability. My experience with Samsung products and support has been very good. I see that other folks have not had that experience.

CONCLUSION: A definite “want” over “need,” but so far I’ve been very happy with this set. Again, picture quality and 3D is the best out there as far as I’m concerned – - at least to my eyes.

Concerns over reliability and price can be mitigated by working with a solid retailer (if you have one in your area – - I used Paul’s TV and Costco is also an option WHEN they get this set since it is so light that you can bring it home yourself.) Extended warranty – - a must in these days to protect your investment. All in all – - very happy with the purchase, so far, and it really makes my home theater experience much more enjoyable.

Hope this helps.

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